Afghanistan Operations Handling

MSL being NVOCC and multi facets shipping concerns involved in Afghan transit activity for smooth handling of Afghan cargo our team of professionals will be at port of discharge well before arrival / berthing of vessel. Following would be some key operational highlights of our Afghan Transit Trade Operations

As soon as cargo discharge commences our team will supervise between the stevedore to off- load the cargo of our clients from ship and get it discharged on the Jetty and soon after discharge of the cargo same will be checked in accordance with the documents in possession and after scrutiny of seals etc. will be got shifted to appropriate warehouse / shed within the premises of Port/ custom area. Tax Exemption Certificate (MAFINAMA), one of the most important parts of documents processing, is applied immediately upon receipt of applicable relevant documents from the clients /counterparts.

The tax exemption pursued by MSL Kabul office in coordination with the consignee, till it is granted by Ministry of Foreign Affair / Ministry of Finance, Govt. Afghanistan, but subject to availability of documents MSL duly certified custom clearing agents begin custom clearance of the cargo through its well qualified and trained team of professionals.

Upon completion of custom clearance based on relevant documents already processed and collected from the local consulates concerned. MSL takes care of transportation and after selection of suitable vehicles in accordance with the nature and volume of cargo, allocation of trucks / trailers takes place. Before allocation of suitable vehicles everything is given second thought before finally depart the cargo to the destination duly escorted.

Once all in place the vehicles are dispatched from Karachi / Port Qasim, further monitoring and updating carried out to ensure strict compliance according to the route plan. Our check point en route to Kabul & Kandahar are strategically located as under below routing:

To Kabul: Kotri Kabeer, Sukkar Chowkazam, Mianwali, Peshawar & Torkham.

To Kandahar: Khuzdar; Quetta & Chaman.
Upon arrival at these check points our staff equipped with mobile & wireless communication facilities carries out inspections of the vehicles as well as shipments. After satisfactory completion of this exercise with particular reference to the seals shipment is allowed for onward journey. MSL head office is informed of any discrepancy found. This exercise is repeated at all check points before shipments arrival at border. However under normal situation shipments are not held-up at these check points and dispatched to the destinations without delay.

MSL team will take all professional measures and steps to try and ensure maximum care and vigilance of the cargo its handling upon arrival up to the final destination delivery with the convoy officials escort of armed and unarmed presence.