About MSL


Customer Facilitation

We strongly believe in sustained and long term business relationship that is why our core business policy is customer-centered and driven, we are always striving to make your experience more cordial and comfortable, and some of the efforts we undertake are:

  • Key account managers are dedicated for each specialized services segment with team that is tasked to ensure prompt follow-up on tasks designated.
  • KPIs are strongly implemented and monitored by these Key Account Managers with daily reporting to management identifying areas that may need immediate attention and solutions.
  • Beyond weekday hours and weekend holidays contacts are available with key team to respond immediately to any immediate/urgent query or update that may be required.
  • Close communication and integration is done with all branches in Pakistan, Afghanistan and outsourced service providers keeping the same priority as in-house to ensure effective flow of communication
  • Global and local visits to potential customers/network partners are planned and coordinated to keep in close contact for better understanding, planning /discussion on any existing and future business including strategies that could well serve all parties concerned.
  • Special Trading desk is organized to facilitate any research and develop on offered or non-offered services customer or network partner may be interested to know or expedite.